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Create Holodeck-friendly objects

Make a scene

Building BIG

Sell your scene

Send your scene

Install new scenes

Name a scene

Make a change

Fix problem scenes

Remove the shell




Troubleshooting (good reading BEFORE you get into trouble!)





Scenes are stored in the floor panel; think of it as the cellar. The control panel is the green frame on the wall; it has the menu notecard in it.


When you select a scene, it rezzes an invisible prim in the middle of the floor that holds information about the position of the objects. Once a scene is rezzed, make sure you don't move that prim or shift the scene in any way.


Some people sell holodeck-friendly OBJECTS but these are only usable in Production Holodecks, not Simple Holodecks. With the Simple Holodeck you are limited to buying SCENES and these are only available through our store in Kenora or through Holodeck vendors in approved outlets. If a scene is more than 115 prims (including the Holodeck shell) this will be stated on the vendor's hovertext.


Common Mistake: people don't unpack the scripts first ...


The two scripts you need are packaged in the objects named "Address Script" and "Holodeck Label Script". Rezz those objects and copy the scripts to your inventory. If you have problems rezzing the objects rezz them in a scripts disabled zone.


Honeymoon Room



Create Holodeck-friendly objects

Holodeck-friendly objects can be used by other people who have Production Holodecks. They cannot be used in Simple Holodecks.


Make sure the permissions for each object and any script within it are set to Copy. Put a Holodeck Label Script in each object.


You can sell these objects without paying us any commission.


Make a scene

You can of course make as many scenes as you like for your own use. But also, if we approve your scenes, we can sell them on your behalf to owners of other Holodecks.


Before you start, a VERY IMPORTANT word about permissions...


For content you are making yourself, set permissions to Copy Mod for each and every object. Otherwise, what you're doing WILL NOT WORK. An object or script in the scene that does not give you Copy and Mod will make your scene unusable.


If you intend selling scenes, you'll need to make everything Copy Mod Tran. See the section on Sell Your Scene




YOU as the purchaser will need to be the OWNER of all the content you put into the Holodeck.


Okay, here you go:


The build area is 17.89m deep by 14.75m wide. A spare shell is included as a building template.


Think of your objects as bottles of vintage champagne and it will remind you of the process you need to follow.


First, get all your bottles and checking permissions as you go, drag a Holodeck Label Script to each one. Every bottle needs a label. Careful! More than one label in an object will cause problems. Don't link the objects together.


Now, in the Holodeck, position your bottles exactly where you want them and then click the New Crate button on the menu.


Name the crate that appears on the floor whatever you want to call the scene. Then drag a big address sticker (Address Script) to the crate.


As soon as you do this you should receive a message in chat from each object saying 'Position Stored'. If you don't, delete the crate, check each object has a label script and re-do the New Crate step.


Holodeck Facade



Shift-select all your bottles (one multiple-selection, not as individual objects), right click and TAKE A COPY into storage racks (your inventory) for ageing.


When they've aged nicely, (allow 2 seconds) drag them from storage into the Contents tab of the crate. Now right click the full crate and choose TAKE, so that it goes back into storage awaiting transport.


Finally, ship the crate to your cellar. Right click the floor panel and choose Edit. Drag the crate to the contents tab, checking there are no counterfeit crates in there [crates with the same name as your new one].


You are now ready to put your scene on the menu; you might want to jump ahead to naming scenes.



Building BIG

If you remove the shell and use the standard scripts, you can rez objects in a 20 x 20 x 20m area.


But if you are an experienced builder you can request a large-build deck. This will allow up to 130m x 130m builds.



Sell your scenes to Inside This World

Important Note: If you have even one object in a scene that is somebody else's free content, you will not be able to sell that scene without their permission.


There is no guarantee we will buy your scenes but you can offer them to us for sale. Suggest you contact us before you start.


Consider keeping your scene to 90 prims or less; then it will be useable on first land.


If you are packaging your objects for sale, you may want to use the logo provided so people know it's Holodeck-friendly. The logo should be used as a frame on the full face of at least two sides of the cube.


If we think your quality and price are acceptable we will pay you 33% of the sales value for any sale through our sales network.


When you've sold us five scenes you will then be eligible for Reseller status, which lets you sell holodecks and anyone else's scenes on commission. Commission on your own sales at your own location will be up to 100%.


Shogun Room



Send a scene to Inside This World

Once we've okay'd the scene, we'll give you an approval number on a notecard. You'll need to fill in the notecard and take a snapshot of the scene.


Permissions for the next owner on your scene will need to be set to Copy Mod Tran for all content including scripts, animations and textures.


Rez the scene, wait 5 seconds, select all objects, right click, select MORE, then TAKE A COPY into your inventory. Next, name it whatever you'd like it called and put the approval number we issued you in the Description field.


Now, here's the test for permissions. Deed the object to one of your groups or give it to an alt to make sure that the Copy permissions are correct.


If you're clear, drop a copy into the inventory of Split Middle and Loki Clifton together with the approval notecard and the snapshot.


Warning: if something doesn't work in the scene, even if it's minor, we will send it back to you to fix. It is a matter of policy that we don't fix scenes for people; I'm sure you understand why we have to make that rule.


Install scenes

First, hit the Clear button to empty your Holodeck. Right click the floor panel and choose Edit. Choose the Content tab.


In your inventory, find the scene you just bought and copy the name of it. Drag it into the Content tab's window.


Then re-do the menu notecard. Right click the wall panel, choose Edit, then Edit Linked Parts. Left click the wall panel, double click the menu notecard in the Contents tab and paste the scene name into the menu.


Name a scene

Right click the WALL panel and click Edit, then in the Edit dialogue box tick Edit Linked Parts. Left click on the middle of the wall panel again then choose the Content tab.


Double click the notecard called 'Menu'. Change the names, remembering you only have 11 letters per scene, including spaces.


The format is "menu name:scene name". If you want to create a 'My Hot Tub' button and the name of the scene was Jacuzzi, you would write My Hot Tub:Jacuzzi. The name of the scene is CaSe SenSiTivE, if you don't get the capitals right it won't work.


Any line starting with "//" is a comment; it doesn't affect the script. The comments tell you in which position the buttons will appear.


Save the menu and allow 10 seconds before reloading the new scene.






Make a change

This is about moving things around and adding objects to a scene after you've bought it or created it.


A very good idea is to count the number of prims in the room to start with and calculate how many there will be in the new room. One of the tricky things is making sure you've got EVERYTHING selected when you take it onto inventory. If you know the number of prims you're supposed to have you won't get caught out.


So to start, clear the scene, then select New Crate from the menu. Now load the scene you want to amend and make your changes.


Drop a label script in any new objects and check permissions. Drag an address script to the crate and rename it. Now that you've done that, click the FRAME of the wall panel to reset the scene. You should see 'Position stored' in chat.


As before, drag your bottles into storage, then put them in the crate and put the full crate into storage. Then stash it in the cellar (floor panel), making sure to first delete any box in there with the same name.


Fix a problem scene

If something has gone wrong with the scene and you need to completely re-make it you can leave all the objects where they are and delete the address script. Here's the quick way to do this:


Turn on transparency. Rez the scene and select the invisible prim that appears on the floor panel. Delete the address script in the Contents tab. You might need a couple of tries; the box is only there a few seconds.


After you've deleted the script, follow the steps in Make a change.


Removing the shell

The Holodeck only requires a linked wall and floor panel to work. To delete the shell, select it, Edit Linked Parts, unlink the wall and floor panels then delete the shell. DON'T DELETE THOSE PANELS! Then re-link the wall and floor panels. If you get a message saying panels too far apart, bring them close enough so they link, then unlink, drag a little further away and try linking again.


IMPORTANT: do not alter the rotation of the floor panel. It must remain set to 0,0,0.



You can edit and modify the texture in the floor and wall panels. You can also modify the texture of the walls.



The prims in the particular scene you load will count towards your prim allotment. The inert scenes will not count.



Make sure there's a 10 metre buffer between your holodeck and the wall of any adjacent deck.



You can join our Holodeck group in-world for support and (subject to guidelines) to promote any new Holodeck-friendly products you create.